Berlin Rooftop Apartments

Fiddling with the roof

When we first staggered onto the dilapidating roof paper overlooking massive amounts of merrily-coloured social housing blocks – we were reluctant. Eventually this would be the place of our future homes: 5 apartments, laid out in two layers and tailored to the parties’ needs. An experienced local architect joined the group

It was going to become a 6-year endeavour with more challenges than any of us could have expected.

Battered and bruised, but still standing as a group of friends we have difficulties remembering the different stages of setbacks. Amidst building dust and drying concrete moving in took place – yet without lift. Weighing the disadvantages of living in a construction place with the much needed home feeling everybody was craving, we did it as a group.

It’s been a strenuous adventure… thank you, friends!


Berlin Rooftop Apartments | 2013-20 | architectural collaboration with Neon Berlin (G.Seidler & A.Buschmeier)