Infocean or How to sink a media center in Antwerp

Information affects our everyday lives in a much stronger way than even a decade ago. The metaphor >information flood< is used in the media and describes the current situation as catastrophic scenario. However the so-called ‘flood of information’ is a man-made problem. The task is to find a man-made solution to what has become an overload crisis. Information becomes knowledge by means of personal experience and constant learning. Information is present everywhere, at the waysides so to speak. Life can be regarded as a way through information with the aim of gaining knowledge.
‘Infocean’ is an ocean of knowledge, tamed information flood. Developed out of the way, it offers options of interacting with a broad variety of media, from the classic way of information retrieval by rummaging through shelves to a quick surf through audiobooks  and beyond. The important spatial innovation of the complex is the multifaceted offer of interaction atmospheres.
Like a pixel in the city surface, Infocean forms an inlay between Bonaparte- and Willemdock. A way is cut through Infocean connecting the inner city with the newly developed residential areas in the old harbour, becoming the dip-in point.
Embedded in the classicist dock system, Infocean becomes a game of optical perception, an invitation to a deeper dive, to the exploration of the dimensions beneath the surface. Information pushes water away, is surrounded by it and symbolizes the movement of an ever-changing infoscape. The constant flow of an inconstant state, the reception of information becomes sensual event and experienced knowledge.
Do not remain on the surface,
plunge deeply!