How to forge a lovely B&B and maisonette apartment out of a dilapidated brickblock

Friends of a friend wanted to trade their inner city apartment for a newly-acquired (half-)ruin of a house in Amsterdam-Noord – and start a B&B.

They had already found a contractor who was eager to begin right away, but we were lucky (and able) to stop him (for a couple of days, no longer!).

It paid well to wait for our plans for which I teamed up with Annelous Rosenstok (AHLOA). In no time we shouldered the workload and quickly assessed the cute, but dilapidated perimeter-townhouse to squeeze in 2 ensuite rooms and a compact domestic maisonette solution for the couple. Breaking our heads over the best solution -with the contractor breathing in our necks- we came up with something that more than satisfied all parties involved. New heating and solar solutions as well as (energy-)storage had to be inserted into the hundred-year-old structure

Pre-corona the B&B was fully booked and the apartment is so lovely, you can easily isolate here for several months (without risking a divorce)…

phases: SO/VO/DO