1 spa hotel and 2 hotel studies

My first job in Berlin centered around the interior assignment for a hotel on the Eastern German peninsula Usedom. Assisting a renowned interior architect, I came to experience all stages of the process providing drawings and support where needed. The architecture lacked refinement and thoughtfulness and so came to know how my boss saved the hotel with his interior intuition and skillful materialization.

My first job in Amsterdam was at concern (Gilian Schrofer) and led to very intensive design studies for grand hotels. In my first year I would design and draft an abundance of different hotel rooms, conference facilities, lobbies, restaurants, bars and spa areas that tragically never materialized due to the financial crisis. However I did gain insight into highly prestigious realms of hospitality, experimenting with digital technologies to create arts & crafts approaches for unique interior experiences.


Das Ahlbeck | Usedom | Germany | 2005 | junior interior architect

Palace Hotel | Kastel Stari | Croatia | 2006 (unrealised) | junior interior architect

Hotel de L’Europe | Amsterdam | 2008 (unrealised) | junior architect