Red & White

My interior career in the Netherlands began with my work for designer Gilian Schrofer and his company concern. A man of a multitude of talents, he taught me a lot about interiors, craftsmanship, passion, model building and grand gestures. We worked on exhibitions, hotel designs, bar and restaurant interiors, offices, products and a lot of models. Documenting the work of concern, “Models of concern” was published.

But three years on, I felt stuck and missed architectural work.

Our ways parted amidst the financial crisis and I started my company andARCHITECTURE after having won two competitions. Something new and exciting was about to begin…

Stedelijk Museum at the Nieuwe Kerk, “Heilig Vuur”,

exhibition, Amsterdam, 2009

“Models of concern” at Trespa NY

exhibition, New York, 2009

“Models of concern”

book, Amsterdam, 2008

“Niet Normaal” at the Beurs van Berlage,

exhibition, Amsterdam, 2010